Well I have recently started getting really interested in all of the different social networking sites. It seems that everyday there is a new one, and pretty soon I will not be able to keep up with all of my activity. As of now, I try to diligently update my Facebook and Twitter accounts (as well as add to Pinterest, Foursquare, etc), and now my WordPress blog will be another one to conquer. I am constantly writing and writing and writing -poems, lyrics, random thoughts, essays, streams of consciousness. Because I write them to myself, the grammar and spelling do not matter to me, rather it is the meaning and feeling behind them which are important. Therefore, on this site, although it can be viewed by the public, I will not revert to my OCD behaviors and make it perfect. Poetry is not supposed to be perfect anyways. If it were perfect it would be more like a chore, a school project, an essay with perfect English. That is not what my poetry is to me. My poetry is a way for me to express myself by using the beautiful similes and metaphors of this world and incorporating them in to my thoughts. Another thing I do is ramble. And I will not stop this either. Everyone in this world rambles in their head, I think at least, but a filter exists between their mind and mouth. My filter doesn’t exist, or if it does, it is malfunctioning. I tend to say whatever I want without thinking about it first. Some may find it annoying or obnoxious, but to me it is just being myself and I do not plan to change it. Thankfully, my filter works enough to not offend others in the most blatant way. I would never go up to someone and say, “Your nose is incredibly large and ugly”, for example. However, I would definitely be thinking it. Anyways, this is the very first example of my rambling. If you hate it, leave this site and go Google something or check your facebook. Avoid this site, because it will not be for you. If, however, you are extremely interested and invested in understanding the mind of Gabi Holzwarth, then stay on, read on, click around (although there won’t be much to click just yet). So now, as I watch “The View” on television, I will be attempting to navigate this new site and create a decent website by a girl who is technologically challenged. I hope I don’t run in to any problems. End of Post 1!